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New Blog idea

December 13, 2009

Ok so its probably been done before but who gives a poop! Im going to be making a series of posts regarding what I think are some of the best stores in SL for Men’s clothing, skins hair, accesories etc. Ok here it goes!


This place has really nice things for men/guys/boys… boi’s ? lols jk!


This store has AMAZING jackets. The downside is there is more girl stuff than guys (as usual -_-) BUT the selection of guys stuff is really good quality. They have pants, jackets, shirts and suits. I only checked out there hair a little bit but its nothing to really rave about.


Sey is one of my fav stores for guys stuff! everything here is top quality!


These skins are BEAUTIFUL… in a masculine way lol… but seriously these skins are really nice, the only downside is almost everyone is buying them now XD


Aitui has awesome skins, hair, clothes, The works! the tattoos here are very nicely done as well! and they have sculpted ears (weird huh?)  The undies are nice too *giggles*, speaking of which………….


Vitamen has hands down the best underwear for men!

the best thing about this place is the monthly freebie. Every month they have a new pair of undies for free!

Ok well thats all for now but next time I will post about best guy hair! 😀



December 9, 2009

Is it Hola or Ohla or am I completely off! Oh well its my new favorite greeting. So keeping up with this is VERY hard but I do have news! The Sim was emptied the first of the month and we have begun work on the new design of the sim. The new theme for it is like 1950’s style. Sort of the style of the Artilleri store/sim only different. An idea me and Gaber had was to keep some things from the old look of the sim, in like ruins or whatever. Like one idea was to have one of the towers/skyscrapers off world like coming out of the ocean, sort of like that movie A.I. where new york is flooded and you see the skyscrapers jutting out of the water (look below).

Oh! One of my BEST friends on SL, Shonen got married on our sim! It was so pretty, but like all SL weddings it had its complications lol (textures not loading, lag, the groom crashing rofl) luckily there wasnt a sim restart like the last wedding i went to! LOL! I made this pic for them.

It was hard to get Shonen (the left) in the pic because he was moving ALOT! But I did it wooo! Anyway the wedding was good, didn’t much care for the dancing at the end though lols. I can never stay still long enough in a club to dance let alone at a wedding. today I started the Down the Chimney Hunt

There are loads of good freebies for that if you havent checked it out yet you should! Click the link above for more info and how you can get started on it! Anyways I must go!!!

Havin some fun in the sun! Lawl!