October 19, 2009

I cant believe I actually bought this shit lol!!! i wont even try to describe it here is a pic!

Its called mongo congo? or something like that lmao Im not logged on or I would look up the name! But yeah! its a huge GORILLA!!!! lolol! anyways! I got ppl askin me about the sim changes and everything lol, but theres no need to worry because this probably wont happen untill another month from now! if we do make the changed we want this to be planned out perfectly and almost like mathmaticly so that the sim makes more sense. I might draw up some concept sketches of it and post them up here. But anyway omg this is my second blog post. I thought I would never start one lol.. so wierd. Hopefully I can keep this up :p …  SO! Ima go eat a pizza lol.. well not a huge whole pizza! a mini one lawl… um.. bye 😀



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