What this blog will be about lol

October 18, 2009

Well ive been meaning to start one of these for some time now and hopefully ill be able to keep it up haha! I will be posting news/info about my exploits in Second Life and some of my real life hehe.  Btw if anyone does stumble upon this shite lol and you wanna add me on sl My name is Pitri Bebb (duh!?) Im nice so you should IM me hehe. Anywayz! I saw Where the Wild Things Are last night! It was good ^_^ it felt like it was missing something but im not sure what it is, i mean its like a movie only a child or somone who remembers being a child would understand. But anyway I highly recomend that. Last night I also talked to Gabe  about redoing the whole sim, I mean I love the look we have but its very messy not well planned out and I just really think we need a change of scenery lol. Urban post apocalyptic cities get boring after awhile haha.. But OH! back to where the wild things are! im going to be making the little boys wolf outfit from the movie!!! on SL !!! *joygasms*


Anyway! I must go take a shower haha!  Untill next time buh bye!!!! XOXOXO

Oh and heres a random SL pic lol




  1. I love it! And that outfit! It’s gonna look so cute on you Pitri 😀

  2. *smiles*

  3. Oh OH a little-boy-wolf-outfit… It needs a forest scenery!!

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